Black Skirt Outfit

How to wear a suede skirt

Not really Spring yet, but it’s warm enough to get out of the house just with stockings, a skirt and a chunky sweater on. Surely if it’s late in the evening I will need a jacket, but that happens in Summer too, so nothing new here. This black skirt outfit really is a great option for the weather we are having right now.

When I created the color blocking outfit, I was searching for a yellow pullover in my closet but couldn’t find one, so when I first saw this one, I had to have it! It’s so soft and I really love it  that it’s loose and chunky. Because playing with volume means having a loose item paired up with something more tight, I matched the sweater with a high waist suede skirt. I love how yellow and black look together even if this combo reminds me of the high school years when we used to have a similar uniform.

And what’s even better, these over the knee boots with a flat sole. They are ideal for casual yet cool outfits I can sport everyday. I can go the office wearing them, to play with my daughter in the park, even go shopping in the market because they are casual enough for such events but they can also be easily styled into a more fancy look too. Maybe with a lace dress or a shirt dress, why not? I have also tried them over jeans, and they do work pretty nice. I was always afraid of wearing boots over jeans because I am short and something like that could make me look even shorter, but in this case, the combination was pretty nice. Maybe I will shoot a similar look to show you.

Black skirts are very versatile and easy to mix and match in so many outfits. They are casual and elegant at the same time, surely it depends on the fabric but they can be made to look as you want them especially if we are talking about simple designs, like the one I am wearing here.

From boots, to sneakers and high heels, this black suede skirt could be worn with all of them.

If I would do a review for all the items separately I can say that they are all staple pieces we can all add to our wardrobe. Easy to style and very neutral if I can say so.

suede pencil skirt

Sweater: Rosegal / Stockings: Calzedonia / Boots: Amiclubwear / Sunglasses: Spitfire/ Skirt: Rosegal 


chunky knitted pullover


flat tall boots


chunky knitted pulover


flat tall boots


black skirt outfit


how to wear a suede skirt

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