Xmas Hairstyles

Easy Braided Styles for the Holidays

The holidays are very close and it’s the perfect time to start searching for a super easy style you can DIY on those special days. Xmas hairstyle are very divers, so you can easily find something to fit your personality. When you have to do the cleaning, cooking and maybe some presents shopping before your family comes to visit you won’t have much time to think about making an appointment at the salon for a cool hairstyle. The best, and most fastest way to fix this small yet very important issue is to find a hairstyle you can DIY very easily.

I know, I always try to fix myself up fast because I never have enough time for this especially during holidays, so I made a short selection of Xmas hairstyles, mainly braids and updos you can try at home.

Depending on your style, you can go for a romantic updo with some glittery accessories that will surely draw all the attention or you can pick a simple braid that will just keep your hair tidy.

I would go for a messy braid, especially now that my hair grew longer and I can easily braid. The problem is that I am not very handy when it comes to braiding my hair, especially in the back. So I always need help to finish a look. Sometimes I cheat and I do a pull-through braid that I can easily do it myself without much effort.

If you can’t braid your own hair, just like me, I suggest you could try this super easy way that could get you perfect braids that are not actually braided.



holiday hairstyles


xmas hairstyles

Free People

braided pony


xmas hairstyles


winter braids


This is my favorite and if I would be able to braid my own hair, I would surely go for it. It’s simple, casual yet elegant, very esy to style. And of course, it keeps your hair out of the way so you can easily get it in the morning and cook just after that. No need to worry about any hair getting in your way because this hairstyle is just perfect for chic housewives. Don’t you agree?

stylish updo for winter holidays


stylish updo for winter holidays


Which is your favorite Xmas hairstyle?

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