How to clean white sneakers

Keeping your sneakers white is a tough job!

how to clean white sneakers

They are versatile, timeless and easy to mix and match, but how to clean white sneakers is a question we all have after wearing our new favorite pair for a few times.

I know I always loved white sneakers because they last longer than colored ones and because they look awesome on tanned skin.

Sure, I do own other colors as well but when I see a white pair, I always go for that one if I have to choose.

As far as I am concerned, I keep my sneakers pretty neat and clean and some of them are pretty old too but still look quite good. The secret is… there is no secret..


I have two ways of dealing with dirty white sneakers: the good way and the bad way.

  • I know we shouldn’t wash them in the washing machine, but they look as new if I do it this way.

Washing them at a low temperature is ok in my opinion, but don’t take this for granted. I usually wash my Superstars and converse sneakers like this and I never had problems with them getting yellow or unglued. Still, I know people that had this issue even if they didn’t even wash them like this.

  • There is always the right way of doing this.

Take some mild soap, a nail brush or cloth and just manually wash out the dirt on the outside. Rise and wipe with a dry cloth for a perfect clean.

This way, cleaning your white sneakers would prolong their life and you will surely enjoy them for years to come.

The alternative is to just take them to a specialized shoe cleaning service that will get them clean and bright and you don’t need to worry about any problems you might have while trying to clean them by yourself at home. Easy and fast but surely more expensive.

How about other colors?

Even how to clean your white sneakers is a big question these days, when you compare it with cleaning any other colors, you might see that actually white sneakers are very practical on the long run.

If you scratch or stain your favorite pair of red sneakers, what could you do? It’s hard to find the exact shade to cover it with fabric paint or anything else.

If you go for white, you can either try bleaching them or just get some paint and fix your favorite pair. It wouldn’t be the first time I would do that.


Now you answer: How to clean white sneakers?

What’s your secret?


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