Pencil Skirt and Ankle Boots

Styling a leatherette skirt


Flared and pencil skirts are my favorite types of skirts not only because I find them very versatile and comfortable, but also because I think they match my body type pretty well. And what could a casual pencil skirt be without the trusty ankle boots, my second favorite type of footwear, after white sneakers of course?

A pencil skirt is usually conceived as being a more formal piece of clothing but that’s probably because people associate it with office attire right away. I couldn’t agree more, but if you take a very simple design, or maybe leather or leatherette texture it really is much more to it that mixing it with a white shirt and a tailored jacket.

Urban inspired pencil skirt and ankle boots outfit

As I love urban inspired outfits, I mixed the crocodile texture pencil skirt with a hooded top that featured a funny text. Surely, people that know me very well noticed that the text is describing me perfectly, so what could have fit better? :)) And because I am not tall at all, I added some high heeled boots to go with. A pair of converse shoes would have matched too but I wanted to feel taller that day:P There is no urban inspired outfit without my trusty Rebecca Minkoff backpack. I fell in love with this backpack in Miami when I wanted to get it but reached for the Zac Posen bag instead. I regretted not buying it for months and months but couldn’t find it online anywhere. Then I saw it and I had to click it home right away. This is real love at first sight!

Pencil skirt and ankle boots ideas

This was my idea on how to wear a pencil skirt and ankle boots, but there are many other options for you to try out.

  • Try a colored pencil skirt with nude ankle boots and a chiffon top. Put your hair up and you are ready for a cool summer party.
  • For an office inspired mix, a black pencil skirt, pointed toe ankle boots and a dotted silk shirt work with a tailored leather blazer. How is that for a badass office attire?
  • A rock concert might be the best place to rock that leather pencil skirt with some studded ankle boots and a band crop top. Don’t forget about that distressed denim vest with some cool patches.
  • A cool day at school will not be the same without a simple, classic pencil skirt, white Chuck Taylor’s, a funny printed T-shirt and a satin bomber jacket. Too cool for school!

These two items are so easy to play with that even a styling rookie can pull out a very creative outfit. How would you wear them?


Click to see what I am wearing

Top: Zaful / Mesh Top: NA-KD / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban / Skirt: B.A.D. style / Backpack: Rebecca Minkoff

pencil skirt and ankle boots

hooded crop top outfit

hooded crop top outfit

pencil skirt and ankle boots

hooded top outfit

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