History of The Bahamas

Turquoise Water and White Sands – Bahamian Dream

Never thought I would ever end up on such a beautiful island in The Bahamas.
A real dream come true and I really have to say that it’s Heaven on Earth!

The name, Bahamas,actually comes from Spanish “baja mar” which means shallow sea or water.

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I was surprised to find out that The Bahamas is composed actually of more than 700 islands, just 30 being inhabited.

The History of the Bahamas

It was first a British territory but the only thing close to British nowadays is that they drive on the left side( even if most of the cars have the steering wheel in the left also). Everything else is much more American, even the currency, Bahamian Dollar which is equivalent to the US Dollar.

They also have the longest underwater cave system, in Lucayan National Park . Perfect place for scuba diving. You will not get bored for sure!
The sand is really fine and very light, almost white. The water, turquoise, teal to dark blue ombre meeting fluffy clouds at the horizon. Fresh green pines and palm tree would embellish the perfect sandy beach and all you could hear were the peaceful waves.

The water is simply brilliant! Warm and very clear so you could admire the beautiful marine life. Fish swam along the shore, between our feet and the fine sand would massage our soles.

I could have remained there forever. Such a deep state of relaxation that filled me up with positive vibes and great energy. A feeling I never had before .I found my special place where I could just disconnect and get everything back in line.

Still, I am not sure if I like the urban jungle of Miami or this serene place more.

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I am curious, where do you find yourself best? In a busy city wondering around tiny streets, or on a peaceful island? I thought I would be the city girl traveler, but I am not so sure anymore.


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