How to Wear Oxfords

Metallic brogues -comfy and very chic

When I was at the opening of the first RESERVED shop in Timisoara, I scouted several must have items, but these shoes had to leave with me.

I got them because they stood out in the first few seconds and it was love at first sight. You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t worn anything similar ever because until now I didn’t own any oxfords.

These are very edgy and still classic on one hand so it makes everything much more easy.

Styling them is not actually a challenge because there are tones of ways to make them fit your existing wardrobe.

Here are some ideas on how to wear oxfords.


On the masculine side

Try some loose suit pants or maybe a pair of distresses boyfriend jeans and pair them up with a shirt. You can wear a soft pullover on your shoulder and a cool briefcase. In this case some classic brogues are the best choice.

Pleated details

A midi skirt, maybe even pleated would look really chic with some peachy oxfords. Add a lace top and a blazer if it’s not very warm outside. The length depends on your height, but it should be below the knees.

Preppy chic

A simple mini skirt or gingham dress like Lua has here, with a round collar is something you should look for if you want a retro inspired outfit. Try some colorful stockings and some geeky frames for that school girl mix.

Casual cool

As this is my first pair and my first time wearing them, I matched them with a hooded jersey dress and a felt hat.

Simple so that the shoes would stand out. I believe a great look stands in details and that crowding everything trying to be original will just get the exact opposite effect.

These are just some ideas on how to wear oxfords but with a bit of imagination you can easily adapt them to fit your style.

I think I will start searching for some more similar pairs very soon.

How about you?

Casual black

Shoes: RESERVED/ Dress: no name/ Bag: Zac Posen /Hat: H&M

mirror effect shoes

red purple hair and bowler hat

how to wear oxfords

how to wear oxfords


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