Winter Wool

Tartan printed woolen coat

I don’t know about you but when it comes to coats, I always go for tartan wool designs. Winter wool is something you need to get used to in the cold season.


tartan printed coat

Coat: HERE / Skirt: B.A.D. style / Hat: Choies/ Earrings: Happiness Boutique



Winter Wool

When I see the first leaves falling I can just picture myself wearing such a coat because it fits perfectly in that scenery. They come in many colors, styles and of course shapes.

I prefer a simple cut and when it comes to colors, probably red, black and white or any combination between them. In my vision this is the most versatile version of a tartan printed coat.

I just got this one and I have to say I am simply in love with it.It’s lightweight, which is very important especially when travelling. I learnt this the hard way on my last trip to Brussels. I had my awesome Blue Vanilla jacket which kept me warm but it was indeed heavy. You can’t compare the two because the fur lined parka surely protects me better when it comes to cold weather.

On the other hand, I wore this jacket while travelling to and fro by plane and bus and it was just perfect. Lightweight and kept me warm while I had any transfers outside.

how to wear tartan ini winter


casual winter look


crystal cuff earrings


wool coat in winter

Usually associated with school uniform the tartan print has a rock-cool edge to it.

I wanted to style an outfit that is both elegant, casual, edgy and cool. Not sure if I managed, but maybe you could answer this question for me. Winter wool for keeping myself  warm, which is very important.

These over the knee boots are very comfortable and since I got them I wore them probably more than 10 times. I don’t wear heels that much but these are very cool to walk in. I paired them up with a croc effect skirt and a fluffy pullover. Of course, this look couldn’t be complete without net stockings-which are so hot right now. No look could be complete without a big hat on a bad hair day.

To give it a bit more edge, I added these cute cuff earrings that I just got from the Happiness Boutique. I would surely wear them with a classy dress or maybe even skinny jeans and some cool sneakers. It doesn’t matter if they are studded in crystals, it’s all about how you match them up for the occasion.

So what do you think? Like or or hate it?

Are tartan printed jackets between your favorite trends this season?

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